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Row by Row Shop Hop

  This year the Row by Row begins on June 21st and ends on Sept. 6th.  All 50 states are involved including all of Canada, so no matter where you go for vacation this year, there is sure to be a participating quilt shop nearby!  

  The theme this year is called Home Sweet Home.  Each shop will design their own pattern with this theme.  The row patterns are free but kits will be available for purchase.  Please check shop hours as there is no set hours for this shop hop.  Some of the shops will have extra "goodies" for sale as well.  In Stitches will have the collectable fabric license plates available for sale as well as many patterns featuring the chosen fabric.  If you want to pre-order this merchandise, that is fine, just call the shop and pay for your item in advance.  No patterns or kits can be mailed- you must visit the shop to participate in this shop hop.   

  Since we are featuring two rows this year, there are some rules.  First- if you are competing for the prizes, you can use both rows in your quilt, but will only get credit for one.  You must have a minimum of 8 rows from 8 different shops.  Secondly- you only get one free pattern, if you want both, you will have to pay for the second one.  For example, you buy one of the kits but want the other free pattern.  You get a free pattern in the kit, so you will have to pay for the second pattern. It takes a lot of time and effort to write these patterns.

  Hope to see you this summer!


License Plate $5.49