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Quilter's Dream Poly Batting

Quilters Dream Poly

You won't believe it's polyester!


Quilters Dream Polyis not polyester as usual! The production of Microfibers (very fine denier, high quality polyester fibers) is one of the biggest breakthroughs in polyester. In Dream Poly there are over 60 million microfibers per pound (other polyester batts average only 5 million fibers per pound.)

Dream Poly has an exclusive blend of these revolutionary microfibers giving it a very soft hand, exceptional drape, breathability and comfort which surpasses all other polyester batts. You will feel the difference! The combination of our special needlepunch processing (like our Dream Cotton) and the use of the finest microfibers eliminates the need for resins, glue or plastic scrims as stabilizers; allowing your needle to glide smoothly through our fine batting.

Like natural fibers, this soft fine denier resists bearding. Dream Poly resists bunching and shifting and is strong enough to stitch up to 12" apart allowing the quilter more freedom of design.

Available in three lofts:

Thinnest loft. Excellent for hand and machine quilting. Available in white and midnight black.

Midloft. Perfect for hand and machine quilting. Available in white and midnight black.

Weighty loft. Wonderful for machine quilting. Soft and warm. Available in white.

Quilters Dream Poly Batting is available in request, select and deluxe lofts in these sizes:

Craft 46" x 36"
Crib 60" x 46"
Throw 60" x 60
Twin 93" x 72"
Double 96" x 93"
Queen 108" x 93
Super Queen 122" x 93"
King 122" x 122"


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