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Long Arm Information
In Stitches would be happy to finish your quilt for you with the use of our long arm machine.  Turn around is fairly quick- 3-4 weeks at most.  Up to 8 weeks during peak holiday seasons.  We have dozens of pantographs to chose from or custom quilting depending on the pattern of your quilt.  The cost for the majority of pantographs are .025 per square inch of quilt.  So, for example, if you have a queen sized quilt that measures 90"x 100" your price would be about $225.  If you have the same sized quilt that needs custom quilting, the price starts at .03 per square inch, or about $270. I have done very intricate work for many clients and those prices can go as high as .05/sq. inch.  Very simple pantographs are billed at .020 cent per square inch so the price would be $180. You decide how much quilting you want and the price you are willing to pay.  Thread, batting and backing are extra.  If you need extra work done, like piecing the back or applying the binding, extra charges are incurred.  We can help you decide what type of quilting your quilt may need.  Not all quilts are candidates for custom quilting- it depends on the fabric print and style of pattern.
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Long Arm Contract for Rentals



The following are the guidelines for renting time on In Stitches Quilt Shop's Nolting Long Arm Machine.


Renter must participate in a beginner long arm class before renting the machine.

     -The class will be limited to no more than 3 people.

     -Will cover a 3-4 hour time period.

     -It will include a large quilt sandwich for everyone to practice stitching on.

     -You will need to bring a small quilt of your own no larger than a small crib size to quilt with your backing and batting.  You will be sewing a large pantograph on your quilt or table runner due to time constraints.  Please keep in mind you are practicing and not quilting something that you have in mind for a gift.
     -The cost $75.
In class you will learn how to thread the machine, how to fill a bobbin, how to layer the backing, batting and quilt properly on the machine, quilting pantographs vs. free motion, how to start and stop the machine. Zippers will also be available to use when you rent. You can purchase or rent the zippers.
There will be a skill review at the end of class. If additional time is needed, the cost is $20/hour for a one on one session.
Valet service will be available when you rent the machine. The cost is $25 and will include the following: loading of the backing, batting and quilt top onto the machine, full bobbins will be loaded for you and the machine will be threaded with thread color of your choice. The thread, quilt top, backing and batting must be dropped off a minimum of one day before your rental time. This is an optional service but it does cut down on the time to load your quilt during your rental when you can be sewing.
Zippers will also cut down on the time it takes to load the quilt.  You need to sew or pin the zipper onto your quilt top before your rental time.  Then you can just zip it onto the frame. 

If you are quilting a large quilt like a queen or king and decide to do custom quilting, it is recommended that you rent a full day and 2 hours the day after your rental time to finish your quilt.  It is not recommended  to remove the quilt before the quilting is finished. If you are doing a pantograph or using the computer, you can finish a queen sized quilt within a days rental.

Thread will not be included in your rental fee. Thread charts are available for you to chose from.  Cone thread is required. We need 7 business days notice to special order colors in for your quilt before your rental. Sew Fine, Omni, Rainbow or King Tut threads by Superior Threads are preferred for this machine.  In Stitches will carry basic colors for bobbin and top threads.

If it has been over six months since your last rental, you will be required to take the beginner class again.

Please do not wear very loose fitted clothing, dangling necklaces, tie back long hair and no scarves.

No food or drinks near the quilt or the machine.

Tools and pins should not be on the quilt or near the machine.

Please clean your work area before the end of your rental time.

There is a $30 cancellation free if cancelled within 24 hours. This is because someone else may have wanted to use the machine on your date and could not because you booked that time.

You may send a substitute quilter in your place if:  it is less than 24 hours before your appointment, if you notify In Stitches and they have taken the introductory class within 6 months.

No one else may accompany you during your session.

Session includes one needle. Additional needles may be purchased separately.

Renter agrees to not adjust the tension, remove thread jams or replace needles without help from In Stitches.

Rental fees are as follows:

Minimum 2 hours @ $25/hour

Half day rental is 3 1/2 hours your choice of time @ $75.00

Full day rental 10:00am- 5:00pm @ $150.00


Renter agrees to operate In Stitches Quilt Shops Nolting Long Arm machine and studio equipment at their own risk. Renter will not hold In Stitches Quilt Shop responsible for any injury caused to their person or damage caused to their quilt due to faulty operations.

Renter agrees to pay for any repairs or replacement of parts damaged while in operation caused by the renter.

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